Practice Areas

Dispute Resolution & Alternate Dispute Resolution

In today's global marketplace where businesses face intense competition and manage risks on a domestic and international scale, disputes within and between organizations are growing in number and complexity. At MZM Legal we have a team of lawyers, litigators and seasoned negotiators who come together to channelize a solutions-driven Dispute Resolution and Alternate Dispute Resolution Practice.

The firm has experience in dealing with complex, high-stake disputes on a local, national and a multi-jurisdictional level, including large scale cross border disputes and international arbitration matters across countries such as United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, Bangladesh, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and South Africa.

Our team, partners with clients to identify and execute comprehensive legal strategies by pursuing Litigation, Arbitration or other Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms. Our primary focus is to function in the best interests of the client, and to minimize the cost and time it takes to resolve their dispute.

Leading the Practice

Mr. Zulfiquar Memon
Mr. Waseem Pangarkar