Practice Areas

Intellectual Property Rights

In an emerging global economy where borders are blurring fast, innovation is the key to growth and development for individuals, organizations and companies across all sectors. The evaluation, integrity and exploitation of Intellectual Property (IP) are critical concerns the world over and protecting intellectual property is a serious challenge. MZM Legal has a comprehensive Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) practice where we understand the Intellectual Property and its legal implications in the local and global context. Decisive strategies and quick turnaround time remain our primary strength, and we have extensive experience across all areas of IPR laws.

The firm has advised and represented a diverse range of clients including individuals, global corporations, public and private organizations, research institutions and scientifically driven industries from across the country. Our core practice areas include IPR registration, opposing infringement, providing general advisory on all IP issues and litigation on IP matters.

Leading the Practice

Mr. Waseem Pangarkar
Mr. Dinesh Kadam